Investigations conducted by Bridgewater can cover a wide range of intelligence disciplines given customer needs.

Investigative services include:

Service 1.0
Financial Investigations

Following monetary transactions back to the source for both traditional and cryptocurrencies.

Service 2.0
Open-source Intelligence Gathering

Bridgewater specializes in the compiling of data present on the open web, as well as the harvesting of data from gray literature and other uncommon data sources.

Service 3.0
Social Media Reconnaissance and Monitoring

So much information and knowledge is spread across social media sites every hour. Many sites restrict non-account access. In an attempt to support our customers, we have developed a variety of non-affiliated social media accounts capable of anonymously investigating your needs.

Service 4.0
Threat intelligence Development and Advising

Bridgewater Investigations prides itself in performing strategic, operational, and tactical threat intelligence gathering against actors both foreign and domestic.

Service 5.0
Dark Web Investigations

Do you know if any of your proprietary information has been leaked on the dark web? Bridgewater Investigations can find out!

Service 6.0
Cyber-Physical Intelligence

For special operations, Bridgewater Investigations offers an on-the-ground team for online intelligence that spills into the real world. Our physical reconnaissance employees specialize in penetration testing, social engineering, covert intelligence collection, and disguise specialists.